Bethel: Intermediate Art Classes

For students aged 7-9

During this class your child will create a more detailed  piece of art. With more time to spend on their creation, your child start to work more independently and have a chance to show off their personality through their work. The images shown below show what the subject is each week. Each week we switch the medium around between clay, watercolor, mixed media, acrylic to tempera. We like to expose the students to all types of art so that they can find something they love. This class is 1.5 hours long and is held 4 days a week. Students are encouraged to attend weekly.


This class also teaches students about composition, values and color theory. Students will explore a variety of mediums such as watercolor, chalk and pastels, acrylic on canvas, and clay to name a few! 

IntermediatePrices: 1 Class ($20), 4 Classes ($75), 8 Classes ($140) Membership includes 12 classes ($210) 


 PLEASE NOTE: The Giggling Pig does NOT ISSUE REFUNDS for any of our classes. 

ALL classes must be used within 12 months from the purchase date. Given 24 hours notice, we will add a credit to your account with us and can be applied towards a future class. Summer camp purchases, MUST be used by the end of the summer. Classes may only be used towards what they are purchased for. (ex. unused art lessons can not be applied towards the gift shop or summer camps.) Read more about our policies.

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