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New Haven Events!

RSVP TODAY! (203) 447 - 9831

Welcome to The Giggling Pig, your ultimate destination for unlocking your creative side! We are honored to be a part of your artistic journey, where painting and creating with friends becomes a truly magical experience.


Whether you're seeking a private party venue, a vibrant paint and sip event, or a delightful ceramic class with friends, The Giggling Pig offers it all! Our studio is thoughtfully designed to provide a variety of creative options tailored to your desires.


Discover the joy of expressing your inner artist, experimenting with different artistic mediums, and reveling in the excitement of crafting something wonderfully unique alongside your friends. We offer a diverse array of activities and classes to cater to your interests and preferences, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone.


In addition to our fantastic offerings, The Giggling Pig specializes in team-building events designed to foster collaboration, communication, and creativity within your group. We can also bring the creative magic directly to your workspace, offering a refreshing and inspiring experience for your team.


At The Giggling Pig, we take pride in providing a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where your creativity can flow freely. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your time with us is not only fun but also immensely satisfying.


So, why wait? Begin your creative journey today at The Giggling Pig! Contact us to learn more about our services, availability, and the exciting booking options we have in store for you. We can't wait to be a part of your imaginative adventure!


Paint, Sip, & Giggle
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