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Piglets and Mommy & Me 

Piglets Art  |  Mommy & Me

Please dress for a mess!

We use paint!




Mommy & Me
All Ages Welcome


$18 - walk-in
$55 - package of 4 Classes

$110 - package of 8 Classes

$155 - Membership12 classes

Members save 10% of everything!

Mommy & Me class time is a fun session that is structured with creative projects to help your child ease into the environment easily. We also have free play areas for them to enjoy and they can be as social as they want. Some children come in and just want to play, others get stuck in with the glitters and paints. There is no wrong way to take part in this session.

We do offer an array of different activities including wooden projects, canvases and special seasonal projects such as cookie plate decorating and pumpkin painting. 

Piglets Art
A Drop-off Class

Ages 2 - 5 — 2.5 hours

$35 - per day, per child
$135 - package of 4 Classes

$270 - package of 8 Classes

$355 - Membership12 classes

Members save 10% off everything!

Talk to us about your child being potty trained

Each month our piglets take part in a variety of projects. We work on letter recognition and have a daily story time. We take great pride in our piglet program and expose the children to all kinds of art materials from paints, to clay and watercolor. We provide a fun, loving and nurturing environment while keeping our group small to ensure one-to-one attention. 

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Our Piglets Art sessions are designed to encourage kindness, friendship and laughter! At The Giggling Pig, we believe that our children have many years ahead to be in a school environment. We want to encourage all children who walk through our doors to have fun and be creative. They will have ample opportunities to express themselves verbally and non-verbally in a safe and loving environment. The children will work on developing important skills such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and develop perceptional abilities. We will be teaching them different art techniques and providing a visually stimulating atmosphere filled with inspiration. 

Each session will include an art lesson and age appropriate explorations. In addition, the children will have art based free play. We have chalkboards, foam play and endless amounts of paper! Our classes are structured and carefully planned to help your child develop confidence and age appropriate skills. The class and environment 
is visually stimulating and bursting with colors and creativity!

Please Note: WE ARE NUT FREE. Please pack a small snack. If you are bringing an EpiPen, please bring a letter from your doctor giving us permission to administer in the event of an emergency.


 PLEASE NOTE: The Giggling Pig does NOT ISSUE REFUNDS for any of our classes. 

ALL classes must be used within 12 months from the purchase date. Given 24 hours notice, we will add a credit to your account with us and can be applied towards a future class. Summer camp purchases, MUST be used by the end of the summer. Classes may only be used towards what they are purchased for. (ex. unused art lessons can not be applied towards the gift shop or summer camps.) Read more about our policies.

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