SHELTON Summer Camp 2021

FULL DAY — Ages 4-16, Drop-off Only

 The Giggling Pig Art Studio is a fully licensed day camp by the State of Connecticut. 



Full Day: 9 AM - 3 PM

Extended Day AM: starts 8 AM

No extended PM at this time.

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Full day week - $275

Extended Day: $10 per hour
Half Day Week- $175

We love camp! Choose from full-day or half-day weeks or individual days. We have a teen drop-in option and projects for all ages. The Giggling Pig is a fully licensed day camp by the State of Connecticut. This requires us to obtain each child's health records. Either use ours, or bring in a copy of your child's school medical form. 

 PLEASE NOTE: Each child MUST BE registered prior to camp start date. PAYMENT IS DUE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON CAMP. Camp is non transferable. (Thank you for your understanding!)

SHELTON Summer Camp Schedule 2021

Week 1

June 21 - 25

Farm Yard Fun!

Learning about animals on a farm has never been so fun! From pigs and chickens to horses and llamas! We will paint, draw and collage some of our favorite images and make sure the campers learn some interesting facts! 

Week 2

June 28 - 2

Rockstar Robots & Monster Mayhem

It's been a while since we created robots and monsters but this summer we thought it would be a great time to get crafty! From designing a robot to building one in 2D - campers will explore shapes and find fun and interesting ways to make their robots unique. Monster making will also be an adventure, and we promise - nothing scary!

Week 3

July 5 - 9

Tropical Breeze & Palm Trees

Summer days at the beach are the best. So why not create some wonderful landscape images and collages? This week we will focus on beach scenes and adding layers, bringing fascinating focal points and learning about texture and being inspired.

Week 4

July 12 - 16

Furry & Fuzzy Friends

Everyone loves their pets. This week we will learn to draw them! PLEASE BRING IN A PHOTO OF YOUR PET ON THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP. If you do not have a pet, just bring in a picture of a favorite animal. We will spend this week paintings, drawing and studying some of our best friends!

Week 5

July 19 - 23

Time Travelers

Time flies when your'e having fun! Travel through history and meet some wonderful people who inspired us and helped make the world a better place. From the notorious RBG to Nelson Mandela. We will not only paint their portraits but also learn about what they did and why it was so important.

Week 6

July 26 - 30

Magical Maritime

There are so many wonders to be found in the ocean. From all the fascinating sea life to the mystical things such as mermaids and sea monsters. Join us in creating some slimy sea life and some sparkling! We will working with everything from clay to watercolors and tissue paper this week, and be sure to leave you surprised!

Week 7

August 2 - 6

Video Games & Characters

From 'Among Us' to 'Roblox' and movie characters such as Wonder-Woman and Spiderman - we will be learning to illustrate some of your favorite characters this week as well as designing your own.

Week 8

August 9 - 13

Wonderful World of Gardens

This year we wanted to bring you something extra special in nature. We wanted campers to learn about gardens, plants and flowers. We will focus on the anatomy of flowers and plants and learn to draw in detail into a visual journal that will be filled with illustrations by the end of the week. Campers will also get to design a garden and paint their own flower pot with seeds to plant.

Week 9

August 16 - 20

Whimsical World Of Honeysuckle!


The Giggling Pig is created in a world called Honeysuckle. Find out about the characters and paint, sculpt and create your versions. This is really going to be an amazing week for anyone who takes part. With so much to learn and experience. We honestly can't wait for this week to arrive! Everyday we will focus on a different character and area of the whimsical world of Honeysuckle!

Week 9

August 16 - 20

Authors & Illustrators



Join us for our annual book making course. We will only be offering 20 spaces this year for this one of a kind course. There is so much work that goes into these and we absolutely LOVE the way they come out. SIGN UP NOW! Each child receives one copy of their book ( glossy cover). Additional books can be purchased as gifts for $15 each - this includes shipping.


Week 10

August 23 -27

It's A Jungle Out There

We decided to end summer with the jungle! The campers always love painting some of their favorite jungle animals and because its been a few year we decided to bring it back. We will create everything  from Tigers to Zebras. A wonderful week to end the summer!


Discounts for summer camp & full week camps ONLY
1st Child Discount: Attend 3 or more weeks, receive 10% off 3rd & additional weeks ( Must purchase In Store)
2nd Child Discount: Receive 10% off total for 2nd child. Must be minimum of 5 days. Sibling discount given to child with equal or fewest days.


Total discount cannot exceed 10% cannot combine offers. 

Don't forget we are flexible! You can select as little or as many days as you want.

PLEASE NOTE: SUMMER CAMP MUST BE USED FOR SUMMER CAMP DURING THE SAME YEAR. SUMMER CAMP CAN NOT BE APPLIED TO CLASSES. If you do not show up for summer camp and do not bring a doctor's note, like all other camps, you cannot use this day at a later date. We try very hard to be flexible, but this is something we must be strict on. if you bring a drs note you are welcome to use your missed days before the end of summer. There are no refunds on summer camp.

Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Camp

What Will my child do at camp?
Half day students: Will work on a project that will be completed each day and be ready to take home. Images shown As AM.
Full Day Students: Will work on both images shown for AM and PM.
Both groups will also have time for creative free time. From creative collages to jewelry making, art areas will always be available during breaks indoors and outdoors. Everyday, if weather permits, the children will have time in our new larger outdoor area. This area is fenced in with proper shade. There will be art stations outdoors and room to just play and have fun. There will also be a picnic area for snack and lunch time.

What should I pack for my child?
Half Day Students: A nut free snack
Full Day Students: A nut free snack & lunch
Please label everything! 
Apply sunscreen before attending camp

Can I make up a day if my child is sick?
If you bring in a note from your child's doctor we will gladly save your child's day to use by the end of summer.

Are there refunds on camp?

We do not offer refunds on summer camp.
Summer camp purchases, MUST be used by the end of the summer.  Classes cannot be used towards anything other than what they are purchased for. Example, you cannot apply summer camps towards art lessons or gifts. One of our main reasons for not offering refunds is: We are a small business! We are an art business. Art supplies are ordered in advance for every student. We train and staff our camps, and invest a lot of money into being licensed, having a Dr on call should we need one and making sure every child has the best possible camp experience. Thank you for your understanding.


 PLEASE NOTE: The Giggling Pig does NOT ISSUE REFUNDS for any of our classes. 

ALL classes must be used within 12 months from the purchase date. Given 24 hours notice, we will add a credit to your account with us and can be applied towards a future class. Summer camp purchases, MUST be used by the end of the summer. Classes may only be used towards what they are purchased for. (ex. unused art lessons can not be applied towards the gift shop or summer camps.) Read more about our policies.

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