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Since 2016

The Giggling Pig Bethel

272 Greenwood Ave, Bethel

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The Giggling Pig opened in Bethel on September 1st 2016 by Hannah Perry. Alexandra Loh  became the proud owner of the studio in 2021 and continued Hannah's mission to bring a family friendly store that nurtured creativity and allowed children and adults to feel at home while they explored their creativity. Alexandra is a mother of 2 and loves having them grow up in a world immersed in creativity and see how it is helping them to become creative thinkers. It is her hope that every person who enters the Giggling Pig feels a sense of comfort and happiness. They are all an important part of The Giggling Pig family and brighten everyday. 


Alexandra Loh



Sherie Barge

Head Art Teacher

I love working at The Giggling Pig because I enjoy seeing how people of all ages create beautiful artwork!  It’s exciting to see how toddlers’ faces light up when they get to sponge paint and experiment using different colors.

Sherie Barge

Paint, Sip, & Giggle
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