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The Giggling Pig Guilford

Welcome to The Giggling Pig Guilford, where creativity knows no bounds! Established in 2023 by our dedicated franchisee, Nikki Towle, this location has been flourishing since its inception. We take great pride in offering our award-winning programs, which have made an incredible addition to the vibrant Guilford community. With a team of outstanding teachers and staff members, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for children and families alike.


The Giggling Pig Guilford is a place filled with imagination, artistic exploration, and boundless fun. We invite you to explore the links below and discover the exciting happenings and events that make our location truly special. But don't just take our word for it - we encourage you to stop by in person and experience the magic for yourself! Witness the joy, inspiration, and creativity that thrive within our walls. The Giggling Pig Guilford eagerly awaits your visit, so come be a part of our artistic journey!

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Paint, Sip, & Giggle
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