Introducing The Giggling Pig & Friends

The Whimsical World of

Honeysuckle Village

The Giggling Pig is so much more than just an art studio. It's village of friends that have come together by choice and become like family. They support, care and encourage each other through the good days the happier days and the days where the sun forgets to shine. These characters teach about friendship, kindness and following your dreams. No matter how small you may feel, you can always make a big difference in the world. Creativity is magical. Never underestimate the power it has. It brings smiles to faces, helps us to process our feelings - good and bad, and lets us express ourselves without the use of words. 

Meet the main characters of The Giggling Pig. I'm sure you will find a connection with them if you want to. Let us know which one you relate to the most. Could it be our shy guy Spike or even Giggles the peace keeper? Who ever it is, we are so happy you are here with us.


Welcome to Honeysuckle!

Love, hugs & Giggles



Giggles is considered the leader of the village and everyone likes to visit her for advice when things get tough.


When we first meet Spike he struggles to fit in, but with the kindness of his new friends he soon learns that he is perfect just the way he is.


Mimi is best friends with Giggles and LOVES art. She collects all things heart shaped and encourages creativity whenever she can.


The name Kiki means double joy, and Kiki sure knows how to bring happiness to the village. She is strong and kind and helps others to find their silver linings.


Perry's passion is teaching his friends about keeping the Honeysuckle healthy. From cleaning up the rivers to recycling junk, Perry cares about his environment and wants others to as well.

Harry Hopper

Harry is a happy go lucky kind of frog, who has so much energy he never seems to slow down. He loves all sports and his favorite thing to do is bounce.


Conrad and Perry often team up with teaching about caring for their village. They may be small but they have big dreams about making the world a better place.


Olive loves to read. She is often found wondering the pages of her favorite books at the bookstore. Olive is known for her knowledge on beautiful places around the world, all which she hopes to visit someday


Winston is full of ideas. Standing head and shoulders above the rest. Winston has a unique view on life. He dresses to the way he feels and is not afraid to express him self.


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