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Giggles & Friends

Meet Our Characters

Spike the hedgehog
Luna the fox
Giggles seeds of love
Willow the sheep

The Whimsical World of Honeysuckle Village

The Giggling Pig is so much more than just an art studio. It's village of friends that have come together by choice and become like family. They support, care and encourage each other through the good days the happier days and the days where the sun forgets to shine. These characters teach about friendship, kindness and following your dreams. No matter how small you may feel, you can always make a big difference in the world. Creativity is magical. Never underestimate the power it has. It brings smiles to faces, helps us to process our feelings - good and bad, and lets us express ourselves without the use of words. 

Meet the main characters of The Giggling Pig. I'm sure you will find a connection with them if you want to. Let us know which one you relate to the most. Could it be our shy guy Spike or even Giggles the peace keeper? Who ever it is, we are so happy you are here with us.


Welcome to Honeysuckle!


Love, hugs & giggles,

— Hannah

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The Artist


Meet Grace, the creative superstar of Honeysuckle village! She brings all her friends together with her amazing talent and kind heart. Grace loves spreading happiness and making beautiful things. With her art, she paints magical pictures, sculpts marvelous sculptures, and tells incredible stories. She cares a lot about everyone and wants her corner of the world to be filled with hope, love, and happiness. Grace is a true friend and brings joy to everyone around her.

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Peace Keeper


Giggles is full of, well giggles! With a playful nature, she is everyone’s best friend, encouraging kindness and compassion among her peers. Giggles doesn’t like to get dirty, which surprises people, being that she is a pig. She prefers to stay clean and always wash her hands. Giggles sets a good example to kids everywhere that kindness makes a difference.

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The Teacher


Let's meet Stella the nature-loving friend in Honeysuckle village! Stella is a kind and caring friend who loves being outside in nature. She helps everyone see the world in a creative and special way. Stella enjoys picnics, exploring, and watching fluffy clouds in the sky. She has a big heart and wants to make sure her corner of the world is a happy and beautiful place. With Willow, everyone feels loved and happy. She is a wonderful friend to have!

Shy Guy


Spike is a quiet hedgehog. His shy demeanor makes it hard for him to make friends. After being alone for so long he gets anxious when trying new things, but with the support of his friends, Spike’s always willing to give things a try. Spike discovers he is really good at painting, this helps build his confidence. 

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The Excited Ones

The Piglets

Despite being the youngest members of the community, their enthusiastic and lively nature brings an unmatched level of excitement to their surroundings. These playful piglets are a bundle of energy, always ready to embark on new adventures and create unforgettable memories.

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Mimi has a kind heart and loves to help her friends work through any problems they may stumble upon. She knows all about overcoming difficult situations as she may just be the only duck you’ll ever meet that doesn’t like to get her feet wet! Yes, this is true! She also doesn’t like the feeling of certain materials and textures.

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Kiki is a wonderfully positive and vibrant character, who’s name means “double joy”, and after 2020 we could all do with double the amount. Kiki is very strong and enjoys building things. She enjoys helping others see the silver lining in situations and with her wonderful colors, she makes anyone she meets smile. Kiki is a great example to kids as she isn’t afraid of building, getting dirty, and trying things that are hard.

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Perry's passion is teaching his friends about keeping the Honeysuckle healthy. From cleaning up the rivers to recycling junk, Perry cares about his environment and wants others to as well. His best friend is Conrad and together they make one excellent team. They show other kids the importance of working together and how teaming up with people who are as passionate as you, makes for really great friends.

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Energetic & Fun

Harry Hopper

Harry is a very funny frog with surplus amounts of energy. He loves sports and especially enjoys competitions like the high jump. Harry loves making his friends laugh but can get embarrassed around new people. Harry is unique and can’t ribbit like other frogs. He can only hiccup! Once he realizes his friends love this about him, Harry feels safe and happy among his friends.

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Conrad and Perry often team up with teaching about caring for their village. They may be small but they have big dreams about making the world a better place. Conrad loves recycling and teaching others why it is important. Conrad wants to run for Mayor of Honeysuckle and help lead the village towards a greener future.



Olive loves to read. She is often found wandering the pages of her favorite books at the bookstore. Olive is known for her knowledge of beautiful places around the world, all of which she hopes to visit someday. Even though Olive is young, she understands that her actions can have a big effect on her friends and community and dreams of opening her own bookstore someday.

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Winston stands head and shoulders above his friends, giving him a different perspective on life. He dresses the way he feels and loves to wear bright colors and even costumes on occasions. Winston loves to express himself through the clothes he wears. He has many talents but especially math. He never forgets special dates, like his friends birthdays and is really great at counting.

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Party Animal


Meet Sydney the snail, a charming and adventurous little creature who dwells in a colorful world of nature and wonder. Sydney may be slow, but she is filled with curiosity and a zest for life that surpasses her tiny size. With her vibrant shell that glistens under the warm sun, Sydney sets out on exciting journeys, exploring the nooks and crannies of Honeysuckle Village, discovering hidden treasures along the way

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Luna is a curious fox who loves to go out into her village and explore.  One of her favorite things to do is help set up events in the village, bringing everyone together for special occasions and helping businesses to thrive. Luna is somewhat of an entrepreneur and has a passion for learning. Luna doesn't have whiskers or claws so has to be really careful when going out into the woods on hikes.

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Yoga Enthusiast


In the lovely village of Honeysuckle, there lived Ollie the owl, who adored yoga and all things zen. Although he was new to the village, Ollie's quiet nature didn't mean he was grumpy - he simply preferred listening to speaking. He became the trusted advisor of the villagers, offering sage advice and an empathetic ear. Ollie's special talent for helping others extended to teaching yoga poses, bringing peace and happiness to the hearts of those he encountered. With his wise and gentle presence, Ollie became a cherished friend, bringing serenity and love to the enchanting village of Honeysuckle.

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Willow is a gentle and graceful little lamb who loves to be outdoors. One of her favorite things is hiking to the top of hills so she can look back on how far she has come. Willow never leaves home without her special bunny.

Paint, Sip, & Giggle
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