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Since May 2022

The Giggling Pig Seymour

38 Columbus St, Seymour CT



The Giggling Pig Seymour opened in May 2022. Located in historic downtown Seymour, the studio offers community-based arts programming for all ages with a focus on creating memorable family experiences and the collective joy of creating. We believe that through art, we can all find a common language and build inclusive communities. 


Pia Migani


Pia studied art history at Fairfield University and has worked in the design industry for over 25 years. As a parent to two creative children, she is passionate about arts programming for children and continuing to create thoughtfully designed spaces for families to inhabit and enjoy. 


Joan Malerba-Foran


Joan retired as an English Language Arts teacher in the New Haven school system. She is thrilled to be managing The Giggling Pig Seymour where her involvement in the arts continues from written word to visual art. Joan’s work in the studio embodies her commitment to the social and emotional growth of our students by engaging the imagination to experience the possibilities that self-expression releases.


Felix Horelick

Art Teacher

Felix is attending his last year of university with a concentration in theater and has studied in Massachusetts and Scotland. Felix’s role in the studio has evolved from studio assistant to lead instructor and his effervescent love of theater translates to the shared experience of imagination through art and play.


Megan Ciarleglio

Art Teacher

Megan is a recent graduate of SUNY Purchase’s art conservatory. She has worked with children in grades K-12 since 2016, with a special focus on the arts as they relate to the development of important skills. She believes that the best way for a lesson to have a lasting impact is to have fun and learn from both mistakes and triumphs in equal measure. 

Paint, Sip, & Giggle
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