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Milford: Workshops
For students aged 9-16

Call: (203) 980 9361

Here at The Giggling Pig we provide a delightful selection of classes and workshops to nurture your child's creativity. Our workshops offer a unique and customized learning experience, allowing participants to embark on a multi-week journey towards accomplishing a final project. From dynamic entrepreneur classes to engaging sessions of budding authors and illustrators, our workshops cater to a diverse range of interests.

Our carefully designed workshops are dedicated to unlocking the full creative potential of your child. We believe in fostering their imagination and demonstrating the incredible power of nurturing their creative spirit. Throughout the workshops, participants will discover just how extraordinary it can be to embrace their artistic abilities.

Join us at The Giggling Pig and explore the wonders of our workshops, where your child's creativity can florish and reach new heights.

Paint, Sip, & Giggle
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