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6 Indoor Activities That Keep Your Kids Entertained

By Janice Russell

Whether it’s raining or you’re stuck inside for other reasons, you may be looking for fresh and educational ideas to keep your kids entertained. Letting your kids lay in front of the iPad or TV can be tempting, but too much screen time can be harmful, even with educational websites. Studies show there is a significant link between screen time and increased stress. Here are six activities they can try instead.

1. Take Art Lessons

If you want to get the kids out of the house for a minute, art lessons at a studio like The Giggling Pig are a great choice. Not only will kids flex their creative muscles here, but they will also learn compassion and kindness through the art they make. Creating art is also fantastic for motor skills and self-esteem.

2. Learn to Bake

Baking is a great sensory and motor skill activity and also a beneficial skill that kids can use their whole lives. You can start out by making something simple like sugar cookies and progress to more inventive recipes as they get the basics down. Other easy recipes include mug cakes and cupcakes.

3. Play Board Games

Many simple board games like checkers require kids to learn and use strategy, which is excellent for brain development. A little healthy competition can also bring some excitement to a dreary day. If you don’t have a plethora of games at your disposal, you can play games like tic tac toe with paper and pencils. Here are some more ideas that only require common household objects.

4. Create a Business

Practical skills are often overlooked in school, and helping your child imagine a small business can be an effective way to incorporate them. They can brainstorm their interests, form a business idea, and use free online tools to execute their concepts. For instance, if they were to start a clothing business, you could help them design a logo online with an online clothing logo design tool or template. You can customize these with your own colors, fonts, backgrounds, and layouts.

5. Make a Photo Album

While most photos are stored digitally today, an old-fashioned photo album is still a great keepsake and way to save your favorite memories. Doing this with your kids is a great bonding opportunity and a chance for them to talk about their favorite memories and what they might like to do in the future. You can buy a simple photo album with inserts or get creative and turn it into a scrapbooking project.

6. Tell Campfire Stories

A fun evening activity is gathering around the fire to tell campfire and ghost stories. If you don’t have a real fire, you can make one from paper logs or other craft supplies. You can create a whole indoor campsite complete with twinkle lights for stars. This is a great time to show off your blanket fort skills. If your kids are sensitive, you can try some stories that are only mildly scary.

Try some of the activities above on your next rainy day, and your kids are bound to be delighted and make some new memories. You can always invite friends and family members to liven up the experience. You don’t have to go out and buy tons of products to have a good time. With a bit of inventiveness, your kids will be amused all day.

Image via Pexels

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