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The Giggling Pig & Friends teach children about kindness, creativity, friendship and accepting others just as they are.


Softcover book 8.5" x 8.5", 28 pages


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Picnics & Puddles by Hannah Perry

  • A lovely series of short stories that encourage friendship & kindness. Join Giggles & The Gang on their little adventures around Honeysuckle Village. Find out what their favorite things are and how they all become friends.

    The story of The Giggling Pig is why Hannah opened her first studio in the early spring of 2011. With illustrations, a story and many paintings, the studio was originally a gallery where you could come in and buy images from the book and of the characters behind the stories. At the time the only options for classes were just walk in crafts or mommy & me. The studio grew quickly into far more than Hannah ever had dreamed.  

    Gladly, she developed programs and hired amazing staff. This slowed down the completion of the book but thanks to both supportive staff and families, this summer Hannah was able to finally put the finishing touches into the book.

    "It's so important to me that I get it right. There are so many children that visit us now and so many wonderful families who have motivated me to finish it. I just want them all to love it as much as I do".

    The book is available on Amazon, here on this website, and also at The Giggling Pig. If you want Hannah to visit your school to read her book, please email Hannah at:

Paint, Sip, & Giggle
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