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A Colorful Friday Night at The Giggling Pig

The Shelton Herald

It's not your typical Friday night hanging at a bar. No loud DJ nor crowded room with people pushing to get a drink, but it is BYOB. However, there is no cramming each other yelling over each other, but laughter, curiosity, and eagerness fills the room.

Adult painting parties are in.

The Giggling Pig, 472 River Road, offers them in Shelton, and there is one available Friday nights from 7 pm to 9:30 pm, offering a way to relax, socialize and try something new.

On May 13, Hanna Perry, owner of the Giggling Pig, invited the Herald to observe a painting party. The night consisted of thirteen budding artist, seven women and six men, eager to learn and have a good time. They came with their wives and husbands, their BFFs or best buddies, and some even come alone, seeking something different, something unique, and something fun.

The adult painting classes started four years ago. Perry said she started them for fun for her friends, but the class soon grew weekly. She said the largest class they've hosted was up to 120 people.

The Giggling Pig host girls-nights, baby showers, birthday parties and corporate events. They host the Friday night open class for anyone who would like to try painting for art and to socialize.

“I love to see everyone laughing and joking and walking out amazed at what they created,” Perry said. “There is certainly a therapeutic aspect to painting.” She also said she believes there are many benefits to painting.

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