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Mindsoak: The Michael C. Bryan Hour — Talking star stuff with Hannah Perry

Howdy, Michael C. Bryan here and welcome to another episode of The Michael C. Bryan Hour- where nothing is taboo. Disclaimer: things might get provocative. Discretion is advised.

“We are all made of star stuff.” – Carl Sagan
“I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think any conscious entity can ever hope to do.” – HAL from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey – Stanley Kurbrick/Arthur C. Clarke

I had no idea what to expect when I was getting ready to talk to Hannah Perry who is the Founder and CEO of The Giggling Pig, a company created to foster the growth and happiness of children. I knew that I loved her company name at first blush, and that her photo made me giddy inside (in that happy gay guy who likes fabulous woman kind of way).

I also knew I was doomed when I knew she helped kids since my two weak spots are dogs and kids. I can’t be impartial with either one of them no matter how hard I try. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen a baby on the New York City subway and wanted so badly to hug them and as I lock eyes with them and smile and we giggle and giggle, the parents glare at me as if to say, “Yo. Dude. Stop staring at my baby.” It’s cool. I get it. No matter how sweet I may appear, it’s still their brood and when it comes to our brood emotions run hot.

Before the call began I knew I’d probably like her, and to my delight by the end of the call I was in love with her in that reckless way. I’m going to assume she has that effect on people.

Our call went everywhere as most of my talks in life go. To matters of life, love ,and death. But mostly to life. She told me on the call a story she had about a dream that’s never left her. While I don’t want to give the ending away, it involved stars and a thumbprint and the inextricable truth we all come to at some point in our lives (hopefully sooner than later) and that’s there’s a unifying reason for all that we’re going through. That we do have the ability to affect time and space and the only reason we don’t know that is because we’ve lost sight of our own faith for short bursts of time.

It was a glorious conversation with a truly sublime human being. You’ll never look at stardust the same way again.

Visit Hannah and her wonderful team at The Giggling Pig and follow the links to all of their fun social media platforms!

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