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For students aged 9-16

This year we decided to introduce workshops to The Giggling Pig. Each workshop lasts for 4 sessions. When working in clay or creating in watercolor, we really wanted to take our time and dive deeper into the process. We want the students to really understand and develop their skills so have created workshops for our students that we know they will love!

We know you can't always attend each class and will remain flexible allowing students to finish projects at later dates. 

We do ask that students are able to work independently if they are signing up for a workshop. We do not do the work for them and they will be working with clay, wire, hot glue etc during these sessions. These are not step by step sessions. Although we guide and educate through the process helping along the way, it is important that each child is able to use the tools we are providing. We want this class to help in giving students the freedom to create their version of a project, develop their self esteem and confidence in their ability to design and construct their pieces.

If you have questions, please contact us at (203) 919 1153.


Workshop Prices Vary

Paint, Sip, & Giggle
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