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The Giggling Pig Art & Party Studio

Teaching kindness & compassion through art.

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Visit one of our locations!


The Giggling Pig Summer Camp

Lets have a wonderful summer together, creating memories and works of art to treasure. Choose from full-day or half-day weeks or individual days. We have a teen drop-in option and projects for all ages. The Giggling Pig is a fully licensed day camp by the State of Connecticut.

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Why We Love What We Do

Our mission at The Giggling Pig Studios is to empower children, showing them that they have the ability to shape their own futures. Through art, we encourage self-expression, ignite imagination, and foster a love for creativity that will stay with them throughout their lives.


Giggles & Friends

Meet the main characters of The Giggling Pig. These characters teach about friendship, kindness and following your dreams. Let us know which one you relate to the most. Could it be our shy guy Spike or even Giggles the peace keeper? Who ever it is, we are so happy you are here with us.



Meet Grace, the creative superstar of Honeysuckle village! She brings all her friends together with her amazing talent and kind heart. Grace loves spreading happiness and making beautiful things. With her art, she paints magical pictures, sculpts marvelous sculptures, and tells incredible stories. She cares a lot about everyone and wants her corner of the world to be filled with hope, love, and happiness. Grace is a true friend and brings joy to everyone around her.

The Artist


Hannah’s Story

It all started with Hannah Perry, creator and founder of The Giggling Pig. Hannah grew up in England and studied at Beverley College in Yorkshire, where she earned a degree in childhood education and development. In 1999, Hannah left England to head to the U.S. where she became an Au Pair to follow her passion of working with children with special needs.

Want to open a Giggling Pig Art & Party Studio? Learn About Our Franchise Opportunities

Birthday Parties

Book your next birthday party at The Giggling Pig!

  • 60 minutes of creative fun! + 30 minutes to eat!​

  • We pay for your first pizza!

  • Private space for your party

  • And more!


Adult Events

We are not just a children's art studio! We also host many events for adults from private parties to corporate events and team building.

Kids Classes

Our experienced instructors, loving environment, and diverse range of classes await your child's unique artistic journey. 

Paint, Sip, & Giggle
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